Virtual storage appliances are becoming increasingly popular in the IT world. Basically, a virtual storage appliance allows a Virtual Machine (VM) to create a shared storage solution – without investing in additional hardware. This allows for cost savings and increased availability, as a Virtual Storage Appliance (VSA) can make use of all unused virtual machine data storage, maximizing the capacity of your hardware while providing a useful, redundant backup solution.

Enter reevert. Our comprehensive, all-in-one Active Directory integrated virtual storage appliance allows your IT team to manage the data from a convenient web based panel, and the feature-rich, efficient software behind reevert allows unparalleled protection against data loss, natural disasters, and even dangerous viruses like Cryptolocker ransomware.

And that’s not all. reevert is robust, reliable, and easy-to-use, and has a myriad of exceptional product features that make it the perfect choice for your virtual storage appliance needs.

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